A Poem - The Engineer By Mrs Ranjana Tandon

The poem was penned down by Mrs. Ranjana Tandon w/o Prof. Mahesh Tandon, Past President & GC member IAStructE during Engineer’s day celebrated in 2019.


It’s a cold hard fact
Difficult to assimilate
In how many hearts, I wonder
Does this feeling, resonate?

The pull of a bridge, particularly
One that’s under construction
Is way more than that exerted by
The biological urge of a fatal attraction

At the close of a hectic Conference on Bridges
She looked forward to time alone with him
She’d have his undivided attention
He’d lend credence to her whims.

A Utopian dream, this proved to be
In the face of a last minute  invitation
To visit the site of a prestigious project
On the way to the airport, a 5-minute diversion.

The gleam in his eyes spoke volumes,
Would she deny him this opportunity?
She knew when she was bested
She acquiesced gracefully.

The site visit was accomplished
Time flew on golden wings,
So what if serpentine queues at the airport
Did not feature in his scheme of things?

The flight back was uneventful,
They were seated separately
She made do with paper book romance
He dreamed of the Bridge on the River Zuari.