About Structural Engineering

The Science of Structural Engineering deals with the Analysis and Design of Buildings & Structures, so as to make them safe for occupation and use during their estimated lifetime and projected usage. For this requirement, Structures need to be designed to cater for known Natural hazards e.g. floods, Storms, Cyclones, Snow, Earthquakes, etc as applicable and as stipulated by Bureau of Indian Standards for various locations all over the Country.

The Human Habitat Comprises of Shelters and Facilitations. With the progress of mankind – Human needs have undergone major metamorphosis, constantly yearning for more, bigger, better and higher.

Structural Engineering helps to fulfill this need of mankind in a way so as to optimize the use of nature’s bounty e.g. stones, sand, lime stone (for cement ), iron ore (for steel) etc. which, - though available in large massive quantities, are still of limited and finite stock . The rate of consumption of these fossiliferous materials has reached gigantic proportions and if their use is not streamlined as of now – posterity would never forgive the present generation for their profligacy and blatant plunder of the planet.

The use of these materials in composite form is best understood by trained Structural Engineers.

With the advancement of Science – Civil and Structural Engineering has taken major strides in its own niche domain.

Application of Ecofriendly and Green products e.g. Flyash based bricks , cementand RMC, for most of the Construction today, be it Residential, Multi Storey, Industrial or Infrastructure – has transformed ordinary Thumb Rule Design and Construction Parameters and Techniques to Strength and Performance based Engineering Design.

With continued population explosion in our Country – habitable land has become scarce thereby creating a need for several storeyed development. Even single storey houses of yore built on plotted development with yester years concept are now feeling the need to be rebuilt with thinner walls for maximumCcarpet Area. Such Construction, especially in Earthquake Zones and windy terrains, demands a high degree of Engineering skill which is provided by trained and Experienced Structural Engineers.

Structural Engineering is the backbone for Engineering Design of Buildings and Public Utilities e.g.

Structural Engineering is the backbone for Engineering Design of Buildings and Public Utilities e.g.

Earthquake Resistant Residences
Multi Storey Buildings
Airport & Industries
Space Frames
Treatment Plant
Chimneys & Masts
Power House